DIY Carpentry: Top Tips to Get the Best Results

If you want the best finish or you’re having some complicated work done, it’s always best to use a carpenter. But if the work is simple, some DIY carpentry skills can come in handy.

If you’re feeling confident and you reckon you can cope with some small carpentry work, take a look at our DIY carpentry tips and tricks.

1. Practice before cutting your mitre

The mitre is the joint between two pieces of wood at 90°, and it can be tricky to get the two pieces to fit the first time round. Practice on some test pieces of wood until you manage to get your mitre saw at the right angle.

You’ll thank us later!

2. Make a bench to keep organised

It’s really easy to make a simple table out of materials you have lying around. You’ll just need to make sure that it’s stable and can take the weight of a mitre saw and anything else you put on it.

diy carpentry trim gunA bench is a great way to avoid hurting your knees from kneeling on the grass or on another uncomfortable surface.

3. Get a trim gun

A great DIY carpentry tip is to get a trim gun. It’s an air-powered gun that allows you to nail pieces of interior trim quickly and easily. You won’t get any splits and you won’t knock the piece of wood out of place as you knock the nail in.

You can pick up trim guns for as little as £70, but higher models cost up to £300.

4. Don’t be tempted to measure

It seems strange to say that you shouldn’t use your tape measure to work out where to cut your materials. But sometimes you can end up making a mistake.

You’re much less likely to run into problems if you hold the trim in place and mark it as it’s actually more accurate. It can work for all sorts of carpentry work, like laying shingles, sliding and sometimes framing.

5. Carry a multi-purpose hammer with you

A hammer that will come in handy whatever your project is a smooth-faced hammer with a straight claw. You can pull nails with it as well as drive the claw under walls and embed it in framing.

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Emily Rivers

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