3 Ways to Refinish your Solid Wood Furniture

Solid wood furniture looks stunning in contemporary, period and country homes, but it does require some upkeep. It’s not uncommon for your furniture to get scratches, knicks and dents. Luckily, you can get your wooden furniture refinished to restore it to its former glory.

As well as making your furniture look good as new, refinishing your furniture can give it an entirely new look. There are ways to make wood look like marble, cracked paint and many other materials, so you can completely rehaul a tired piece of furniture.

Find out three ways you can refinish your solid wood furniture below.

Antique solid wood furniture refinishing

Antique furniture is a tricky thing to refinish. It’s great to restore a beautiful piece to its former glory, but if you’re planning on selling the item to a dealer or collector you could actually decrease its value. This is because sometimes you can do too much restoration work and lose the piece’s character.

Before you refinish an antique piece of wooden furniture, get a professional to check it out and help you decide the best way to keep the furniture’s value.

solid wood furniture refinishing
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Of course, if you’re never going to sell the item or you are not worried about its value, refinish it however you like.

Traditional refinishing

If your solid wood furniture is in need of normal refinishing, a professional will start by repairing any loose parts or broken pieces. They may then bleach the wood to remove stains and then sand the wood down so they can stain it and finish with varnish.


If your furniture isn’t in need of a total overhaul, you could have it refurbished. A professional will clean it to remove dirt and any wax, and then sand it down a little before touching up the stain. Then they will apply varnish or another protective finish to help it look its best.

Refurbishing is a lot less expensive than refinishing and won’t take up as much time. If you’ve got an antique piece of solid wood furniture, refurbishing might be a good option.

…Or how about upcycling?

If you think your piece of furniture is past its best, you could turn it into something completely new. If your furniture is beyond refinishing, it might be more cost-effective to put it to another use. Get some quotes from a number of carpenters to see how you could have your old solid wood furniture turned into your next prized possession.

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